The Infamous Ferrara Pan Incident!

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When I spent time with my Grandfather in Ohio, the local eatery had those Ferrera Pan candies.  Grandpa would buy me one every time we were there (probably only if I ate all my food, but I am not sure).  Anyway, it brings back very fond memories, and then one day I am walking through Sam's and I stumble on a huge container of them.  Much to my surprise, they are not that expensive (that might have been one of Grandpa arguements, but I can't remember) so I of course buy a case.  Now I eat the candies whenever I want.  Outside of one incident at work where I nearly choked to death (this is true - I later sent an e-mail to some friends, and the general concensus was that it was funny), I try to keep some around.  As a result, Mils found some within my briefcase pockets, and went to town:

"Oops - there's Daddy . . . how will he react to this one?"

I felt it was cute - and since Melisa was not at home, I figured this would be a great photo op.  She had some out of the plastic, and others were still in the plastic, but she had chewed through somewhat, so she was getting the sweets fairly easily.  Unfortunately, they were large, so two at once was a challenge.  Mills figured the best thing was to keep up a rotation of five or so, grabbing new ones as they fell onto the floor.

"This stuff is good!  Are these things this sweet all the way through?"

As anyone knows who has eaten these things, there are two hot sections.  Mills finally struck one:

"I knew Daddy would punish me somehow!"

I gave her juice, and tried to get her to suck on ice-cubes, but she did not have much interest in letting me help.  She has never messed with my briefcase again . . .

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