Some of My Favorite Links:


Vick Library - Looking for something to read? To watch? We might have it, you never know . . . of course, if we do, you can certainly borrow it.

Stocks - Now is always a good time to invest.  There is no question about that!

Friends of Nick Golf Tournament

The (rest of the) Family is in an America's Promise PSA!

Ballard Power Systems and the Fuel Cell

Sprint Exaggeration - I happened to notice a slight exaggeration in print by Sprint PCS - what do you think?


Jack Black Spiderman 3 - Too funny for words - Jack Black does it again!

Other Web Sites:

TUCOWS - Need a utility or a piece of software for your computer?  Check this place out - they got it all.  I highly recommend YATS32!  Remember, you only really want to download the stuff that is five golden cows . . .

Book Crossing - Pretty cool idea.  Leave books around for people to read - post where you left them and see where all they go!

David's Airplane Incident/Crash Movies - Pretty darn nice collection of incidents, including the one where a man is sucked through a running jet engine.

Dr.D's Windows Page - Hey - looking for a DLL or other Windows information?  Check this spot out.

Microsoft's Terra Server - The largest amount of data in one database in the world.  Satelite shots of the planet Earth.  What does your house look like?  Want to see my house? (I am the NE corner, just to the NW of the center of this view.)    The data is sometimes old, but what a hoot.  Neat to cruise around the country and see things from up above.  Send me your view, and I will add it here.   There are a lot of interesting things that can be seen here.

Lawn Chair over LAX - Interesting guy.  Accomplished his dream.  I really only have one question at this point:  How much did those balloons and helium cost?  I am ready to give it a try!

Periodic Chart - Just about everything you ever wanted to know about the elements.  Pretty darn cool site.

Professional Sports Ticket/Concession Costs - Well, if you were unsure whether the local stadium isn't charging you out the wazoo for a beer and a hotdog, now you can compare yourself to the other cities.  Next time you are in line, confront them with the facts!

Microsoft Alleges US Government is a Monopoly - Interesting article to say the least.  You don't want to get me started on the Microsoft breakup.  This is exactly the kind of thing that makes me want to stop paying taxes to our government.  Our tax money is just simply wasted, and most Americans just don't care anymore.  It is truely a sad state of affairs.   I suppose that when our tax rate hits, oh, about 50%, we might start getting interested again, but I would argue that we have past that point already.

Soda Constructor - Eh, not exactly sure, but pretty darn cool, anyway!

Where's George? - Do you ever wonder where that paper money in your pocket has been, or where it will go next? This is the place to find out. You can enter the serial numbers of your paper money, and when they show up again, you can be emailed. How fast did you bill travel? Who had it last? Interesting site, but I still haven't had any of my bills show up yet - come on, you guys - start entering those bills!

Twinkies Project - T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. is a series of experiments conducted during finals week, 1995, at Rice University. The tests were designed to determine the properties of that incredible food, the Twinkie.  This site is a crack up, without question.

Traffic Cone Preservation Society - Until the late 20th century, traffic cones were not thought worthy of scientific study. It is the Society's mission to counteract these centuries of neglect.  After going through this site, I may start my own traffic cone sanctuary under my deck in the back yard.

Road Tech Manufacturing - You can get you own traffic cone (or speed bump) from here.

Corn Cam - Hey, if you have the time and the inclination, AND, you are sitting down and you're not easily excited, then check out the corn cam!

Link - Link to some interesting word puzzles and other stuff - definitely a cool place to visit!

Shoot a Manager - Ever think your boss was so bad that you wish you could just take him outside and shoot him dead?  Maybe you are just living in the wrong country.

Skeptic - Interesting site.

Cellular Radiation - Ever wonder why you get massive headaches after beig on your cellular phone for ten minutes?  Check this list for the radition level given off by your phone!

Donate Old Cellulars - Need another tax deduction?  Got an old phone and accessories lying around?  Check this place out.

MB Bois Info - If you can't figure out who made your motherboard, you can check this site out.  Lots of motherboard serial #s and links to manufacturers.  It has saved me more than once!

EBay Article - Here is a great way to make money - sell things on EBay.  But, before you do - you better read this!

Russian Arms 4 Sale - These days you cannot be prepared enough.  Go ahead and get yourself some serious (slightly used) hardware for the backyard!

Jeseda Tools - Floridian router bit manufacturer.

Find Someone's Birthday - You can find almost anybody's birthday on this web site - thanks to SQL Server and the indexing of public documents!  Woo Hoo!

Secret Worlds - the universe within - from 10 to the 23rd power down to 10 to the negative 16 power in meters - views of the planet Earth at each of these distances - pretty darn cool!

The Condiment Museum - Now I have seen it all!  Kind of neat, but who has this kind of time?  Perhaps they got a government grant to preserve this valuable history . . .

The World City - the largest ship to be built - called a floating island - a truly amazing accomplishment, if it can ever be built.  I would love to be a small investor in the thing, but apparently I am too little to do so . . .

Giant Diesel Engine - these are humongous diesel engines.  If you know anyone who can still one of these 14 cylinder jobbies into a 1972 Dodge Charger, have them give me a call - I would love to have a muscle car with 108 thousand horsepower!  I know that I will probably have to get special tires - I am willing to modify the vehicle a little bit...

Flying Exoskeleton - Yeah, I have officially changed my mind - this is what I want for my next birthday.  This is the ultimate in yuppie commuting right here, man.

Largest Prime Number - Very interesting to us math majors - not sure I can swallow to $70 to get a poster of the number, though!

Copperfield Card Trick - A nice piece of card magic on-line - I suppose he is the greatest living magician, but I really have no idea!

Putt-Putt Golf - Nice little game to play when you are bored!

The Freedom Ship - A cruise is a cruise - the Freedom Ship is a country!