Welcome Raiders friends and family!

The following will list all of the photos that have been taken so far.
The images you see here are shrunken in size by 90% so that this page loads quickly, but there is a link under each image.
Clicking this link will open the original photo in another browser. The original images are HUGE, but can then be turned into photographs.
Once the picture loads in the new browser window, right-click on it and save it to your computer.

As I get more time, I will update this page, add more photos and make it a bit easier to navigate.
Perhaps these images are too big - if so, let Melisa know and we can offer them in other sizes too.

Thanks and enjoy!

boswinfs04homeuserswebb2659whl.mnmvickRaidersGame 2

boswinfs04homeuserswebb2659whl.mnmvickRaidersGame 3

boswinfs04homeuserswebb2659whl.mnmvickRaidersGame 4

boswinfs04homeuserswebb2659whl.mnmvickRaidersGame 6