Although I can not say that I am a professional wood worker, like most things, you can compensate for lack of skill with a good set of tools.  Fortunately for me, with a few good tools and a LOT of planning (plus a few mistakes) you can do quite a bit.

Here is a list of the projects that I have completed:

Shot Glass Case

TV Stand (for Heidi)

Corner Computer Cabinet and Shelving

New Hot Tub Skirt

Wall Shelving Unit


I will attempt to get more of this updated as time goes on.  The next projects are (roughly):

1. Another shot glass case (the fist one only holds half our "collection").

2. Another custom cabinet for more Creative Memories stuff.

3. Cabinetry for behind the bar in the basement.

4. I would love to do a chest of drawers - but that sounds really hard to do (I am not a fan of creating dovetails.)