Wall Shelving Unit

Part of Melisa's dream to become the greatest Creative memories consultant that the world has ever seen dictates that she have an expansive inventory, a plethora of scrapbooking tools and a wealth of shelf space.

Here is the original shelves that we are replacing:  These are those standard, press-board, knockdown shelves.

So,  I made some notes on a sheet of paper.  You can see in the upper left that I laid out the cuts in the plywood so that I could determine the number of sheets I would need to do the job.  I also built a single shelf that mounts on a wall, as well - and that came from the three sheets as well.  Total cost of the wood for the entire shelving unit and the single shelf was $110 - not too bad.

Here is the beginning of the new shelves - 3 sheets of plywood:

Enter Mark, a table saw, the Kreig Jig and some Cherry stain:

Mills decided to help, as I was moving the old shelves away.  I wish I could fit on a 25" shelf like that!

Since the total width of the shelving unit is 78 inches, with a depth of 12", the final assembly occurred inside the house.  Here it is lying on its face.  This was necessary, in order to mount the bottom shelves - the screws holding those on are on the bottom, which is about an inch off the floor.


Finally, the shelves were lifted back up to the wall, mounted to a couple 2X4s and loaded with books and crap!

Not too bad looking, eh?  The notches on the far left and right are for shelves accessible from the sides, good for holding negatives and other Creative Memories goodies!