part time typing jobs online be life on other planets in our universe.  however, i do devote my computers' free time to helping planets in our universe.  however, i do devote my computers' free time to helping with the search for intelligent life elsewhere in the universe.  gee, what a guy i am, right?  well, you know, you really hate to tell those boys over there at berkeley that they are just wasting their time, but you know, they are in education, so they are mostly unaware of what real life is like.  but that is okay, they generally get drunk on fridays and generally don't do nearly as much long-term damage as some other groups in our society, so i feel that humoring them is not so bad!  the last i looked, the seti project is only analyzing like 10% or so of the available information that they are able to watch right now, and they are in need of some spare cpu to analyze all this data.   hey, my machine spends the bulk of its time watching for the mouse to move or one of the keys to get pressed, so i might as well let science borrow those wasted cycles.  (i leave my machines on 24/7 anyway.)  who knows, maybe i will be wrong about life on another planet (very low probability) and maybe i will be the one who crunches the data that has the signal from a distant civilization (super very low probability), but then again, i also might get attacked by a shark (yeah, i live in kansas), or struck by lightning, or win the lottery (which i never play), so i figure "what the heck."   besides, once you download the little program, you will spend the first several days watching the cool graphics, just like bryon and i did.  you can admit it, we are all adults here (mostly).

mark vick's seti results

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bryon frick's seti results

i invite you to join the program, specially if you have a fast machine, or do leave it on all the time, and who knows, maybe you will stumble on something.   also, send me an e-mail, and i will add your results here (if you are somebody that i know, of course).

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